10/12/2008 02:12:00 AM


What? A blog? I thought blogs were for young married people who want to fill up the internet with pictures of themselves and/or their babies! What are you guys doing with a blog?

A formidable question to be sure. Indeed, billions of such blogs have spewed forth innumerable photos of infants and boring stuff dressed up amid cutesy templates. We, however, have a higher and holier mission than the proliferation of infantile paraphernalia. We have set out on a perilous quest to bring ridiculous awesomeness to the masses. In times of economic uncertainty and general upheaval, we provide relief to the untold legions of dejected web surfers. We stand firm and resolute in the face of boringness, wantonness, and stupid stuff. We are the architects and aggregators of epiphanies, strokes of genius, and brain children. With charity in our hearts and the sword of justice in our hands, we have wrought upon the cyberspace and brought forth this blog in the hopes that beings such as yourself will partake freely of the magniloquence and mayhem and go thy way rejoicing.

Did you just pluralize "brain child?"
Yes. And I think that's a first.

Is "magniloquence" really a word?
Yep. Jeff taught it to me.

What does "Young Sparrows" mean?
It's an inscrutable reference to something that you will just have to figure out on your own. Feel free to send us your best guesses, and if you get it right, we'll give you billions of dollars in mortgage-backed securities. On a side note, it's also a great name for a rock band. If any of you go and start a band and use that name, we will level your house.

Are you really as awesome as you say you are?
Our greatness is self-evident. All men are not created equal.

Are you single?
That depends on who you ask.

Do you offer merchandise?
We are selling several checks to the denomination of 700 billion dollars that were signed and endorsed by all five authors of this blog for the amazing low price of two payments of $29.95 or 30 kilos of Brazilian rosewood.

We'd like to build a 30 ft statue of you guys. What materials would you prefer?
African ivory.