10/20/2008 12:22:00 AM

Elance: Post Project

This is our job posting that we couldn't make because we wouldn't pay more than $4. :(

Elance: Post Project: "What we need done:
We are trying to figure out how to create a link at the top of our Bllogspot page that is positioned over the title of the blog ('The Young Sparrows') which is a part of the entire header image file. Therefore, it does not currently have a link, and we want people who put the mouse cursor over the title, 'The Young Sparrows' to have the option to click on the area and return to the home page. We don't know enough about the web coding to be able to do this.

the site is http://youngsparrows.blogspot.com

We are a group of college students, so we don't actually have very much money, but this site looks pretty cost effective, and we would love to have some help for a good price.

What we have for you:
We will send the code of the blog from Blogspot to you, and you can look at it. We're not sure if it would be necessary for you to actually access the Blogger dashboard to make the necessary modifications, so we are willing to work with you to give you access to whatever you need to finish the job.

Estimate of time/Budget:
This shouldn't take more than an hour. Therefore, we have a budget of $4.

Thanks for your bids."