3/23/2009 10:02:00 PM

My Newest 100 Hour Board Question!

Dear 100 Hour Board,

With all the "Big Love" controversy recently, I have overhead numerous conversations regarding the temple endowment ceremony. I have repeatedly heard during these conversations that the Church has placed all of the ceremony in the Library of Congress. I've heard that the video is there and also that the script is there. I already know about the Reed Smoot hearings, but these people are all clearly stating that the Church placed it there. That would disqualify Smoot hearing stuff as well as apostate materials.

Most of the time people have said that it is because they have copyrighted the ceremony. The argument goes that to have a copyright you have to send it to the Library of Congress. I'm almost certain that legally that is not true. Regardless, I'd still like to know if the ceremony is there or not, because based on my research, this is a pretty pervasive belief. I'm endowed, so I have no reason to go to the LOC to look this stuff up. Rather, I would just really love to be able to definitively shut the rumor down (or substantiate it).

I searched the Library of Congress catalog as best I could, and found nothing. Looked in the 100 hour board archives and found nothing. Can you help me? Would the church have to put things in the LOC to copyright them? And is there any evidence that the Church actually put video or transcripts from the temple ceremony there?

- Person who loves to quash untrue LDS rumors

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